Medicom Medical Publishers is an international medical publisher with over 25 years of experience in medical publishing. Its head office is located in Baarn, the Netherlands and we have local representatives/offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Finland and Germany.

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality medical information and tools to medical professionals and patients across Europe. We will do this by providing medical professionals with up-to-date information such as:
- Local editions of internationally renowned medical journals;
- Clinical Practice series consisting of state of the art scientific reviews and case studies;
- A medical news site, Medinews, with daily updated medical information.

Additionally, we publish books and apps to support the communication between patient and medical professional, such as:
- The Miniatlas series with clear medical illustrations;
- Patient booklet makers, to create simple an clarifying booklets on a specific disease;
- Tearpads to explain about the disease to the patients;
- The Focus on Health series containing simple graphics that can be taken home by the patient.



Medicom Medical Publishers Ltd. was founded in 1980 as Oedip Ltd., a subsidiary of the French publisher Oedip-Cerem.

In 1986, the company was acquisitioned by the English Medicom Communications Ltd. and became a part of the English Medicom group. During that time, Medicom started publishing journals in cooperation with prominent international publishers, such as the BMJ group.

Medicom Medical Publishers has entirely come under Dutch control in 2006. Since then, it has rapidly developed from a journal publisher into a supplier of high quality medical publications, on paper, online and mobile. This development has accelerated in recent years as an outcome of the production of an entire line of medical apps, online news services and e-learning.


The team

The Medicom team has a lot of experience in the pharma industry and a long history in publishing. Due to this the team knows your business very well and can help you in selecting the best services for your products.



We work with a number of internationally renowned organisations and publishers.
We represent the British Medical Journal Publishing Group and the Royal College of Psychiatrists in several countries in Europe. We represent EC Europe in all the countries that we operate in and are a member of Networks In Health.
Because of this broad network of partners we can always offer the best solution to our clients and the medical society.



Our customers include pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, MSD and GlaxoSmithKline. Within the pharmaceutical industry, we can consider all companies in the top 100 as our clients. With many of these companies, we have a longstanding relationship.

Besides the pharmaceutical industry, Medicom works a lot for Doctors associations and overarching health authorities. Examples include the MDL association, Nephrology Association and the RIVM. For these associations Medicom has, for example, developed customized online seminars.

The last, but certainly not the least important group, is the group of doctors themselves. Increasingly, we work for doctors, group associations of physicians or health care facilities.

From Medicom we are proud to say that we work with these companies.