Medicom Kiosk App



In this App doctors can read different journals that have been selected for them on their tablet. The App contains journals like: AJRCCM, JVH, BMJ, CHG, Gastroenterology and BJP. If you have an iPad you can download the Medicom Kiosk App with this link. 


Product information

This app is developed for Medical Doctors to read Medical Journals on their tablet. The Medicom Kiosk App contains a number of medical scientific journals, like AJRCCM, JVH, BMJ, CHG, Gastroenterologie en de BJP. In the kiosk app medical doctors can download the journals which are available for their specialisation and field of interest. Once downloaded, the journal can be read offline. The App and content is free for medical doctors.
Dependend on journal. Usually monthly ediction.

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