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Product description De Miniatlas App contains medical illustrations for a specific area of treatment. It is a tool that helps the physician explain and illustrate various issues regarding the human body and specific disorders. The Miniatlas App provides an overview of the pathology, physiology, diagnosis and treatment in the form of illustrations and explanatory texts.

The app will be available as a free download in the app store. It is possible to create a secure section in the app (for registered users only), such as the segment on diagnosis and treatment. The Miniatlas App can be used to create extra visits with the doctors.


Product information

The app will be available for iPad/iPhone users. It contains 30 to 40 illustrations as well as information regarding anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, pathology and treatment. The Miniatlas App will be created in the local language or in English. The secured section contains information on diagnosis and treatment.
12 months
Delivery time
4 to 6 weeks

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